Gunite Pool Construction

gunite pool construction

Gunite Pool Construction

We offer custom gunite pool construction services where we will work with you to design a swimming pool that fits your home and family’s unique needs. It will be constructed with exceptional craftsmanship by highly skilled professionals with years of combined experience.

Our gunite pool construction service makes it easy and affordable to build a beautiful inground concrete swimming pool. First, we will help determine the perfect design for your yard and the perfect size for your family’s use. Then, we will do all the digging and backfilling to prepare the soil, pour the concrete, and install the plastering.

An inground gunite swimming pool is a significant construction project, and you will need to prepare your backyard before construction can begin. That is why it is essential to understand the key activities that will occur when we take over—and what could be affected.

So here are the steps we take to provide you with a durable, long-lasting inground gunite swimming pool that you and your whole family will surely enjoy for years to come.

Pool Design

Because every pool is designed and built to order, we can make yours just the way you want and need it. We create backyard escapes that are unique and personalized to your needs. We put the choices in your hands of what kinds of materials you would like, what kind of features you want, and how elegant you want the pool to look.

Our experienced specialists will work with you from the beginning to create and design a customized gunite pool that meets your exact requirements. With a wide variety of options to choose from, the only limit is your imagination!

Layout and Set Elevations

We come and look at your property and discuss what you want in your pool with you. Then, forming a design based on space, budget, and customer input, we flag out the design layout on your plot of land using computer imaging software and in person so you can see how it will look. We also set and adjust the elevation that the pool will be built at. Then, using the right equipment, we mark out exactly where to dig to ensure no surprises.

Pool Excavation

The first step in the gunite pool build is the excavation. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days! We shape every pool’s edges and sides to ensure that it will be as accurate to form as we can make it. We shape the sides of your pool right when the hole is dug so that you will not have any additional stonework charges.

We do this for consistency and added durability. We shape the edges of your pool using a sandblaster, then finish it with an old fashion hand sprayer that allows us to coat every inch of the whole thing. We guarantee any extra stone costs for laying decking or installing coping will be avoided.

Steel Framework

After the ground has been prepared and excavated, it is time to install the steel bar framework called rebar. Next, your pool builders will have to construct the bar cage, which will later support the gunite that will become your pool shell.

Plumbing and Electrical

Before the gunite is applied, we begin to install the plumbing and electrical components. Before digging the pool, we survey your site and provide a detailed quote with schedule and permitting information. This way, you know what to expect. Our plumbers and electricians are licensed, extensively trained, and fully experienced. They take great pride in their work, ensuring every detail is correct.

The plumbing systems are not always included in the initial quoting for a gunite pool, so you must consider them in your design. Our inspector will go over everything as part of his inspection process. Some elements are directly attached to the steel, and others will need to be supported or hidden behind the steel. These should all be discussed during the design phase.

Gunite Application

A high-performance, quick-curing concrete mix, gunite cures to a much higher psi than ordinary concrete. Gunite is the dry mix process where high-pressure compressed air shoots the pre-mixed material (sans water) through a gun-like hose.

At the nozzle, your pool builders add water just before it hits the rebar framework. The nozzleman controls the amount of water to get the right mix consistency that makes the gunite compress when applied.

Tiling and Coping

Coping is the transition border that goes around your swimming. Traditionally, brick has been used for this, but the current trend uses travertine, limestone, or flagstone. Also, if there are waterfalls or boulder work needed, they would be installed in this phase.

Finally, aluminum coping can be used for above-ground pools. Value coping is made of a softer metal and therefore dents easier than architectural coping, which is more expensive but does not rust quickly.

We offer the latest styles and colors of tiles to fit your taste. Our expert installation team will custom cut and install the perfect tiling and coping work for your pool. The interior finishes of gunite should be kept wet. Because of this, most gunite pools have tiles installed along their top six inches, which transitions the water to air.

Deck or Patio Installation

The first thing you will need to do is decide what you want your pool decking to look like. We offer different styles of decking that range from natural stone to stamped concrete, so take your time to look through some pictures of our previous jobs. Make sure you ask for photos of the types of decks we make most often.

With us by your side, you can create a thing of beauty that will last for decades to come on your patio. You can build a beautiful and unique deck using crushed stone or cushion sand as the base.

To get a firm base for your patio, you will need to overlay the crushed stone or sand with a thin layer of cement that can be dyed to any color and stamped with patterns of your choice. We will make sure that the concrete is smooth and before applying the finish to it.


As the last step of the gunite build and installation process, we apply the plaster that acts as the finish coat inside your pool. The mix will be poured into the pool shell, and once it sets, we hand-finish and smoothen this surface while giving you the freedom to choose whatever color you want. You get to choose your favorite color—even a custom one! We choose a high-quality plaster additive that looks like paint, so it adheres so well that it is impossible to scratch off even with a knife.

Pool Startup

Proper startup and weekly maintenance will help your gunite pool last a very long time. Correct water chemistry is critical during the initial pool startup. It needs to be well-adjusted by professionals to get it just right.

As such, regular maintenance is a key to extending finish life, particularly in high-gloss finishes that may begin to pick up surface dust if proper care is not exercised. After the initial cure, brushing the surface weekly will keep it looking its best.

Landscape Design and Installation

When you are ready for the last step in the pool process, we can design a landscape package that will lay the finishing touches on your new fantastic pool. In just one place, you have both the best pool builders and landscapers in the business!

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