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Gunite Pool Remodeling Raleigh, NC

gunite pool remodeling raleigh

Your swimming pool is one of the most valuable assets in your home, and it should look like one. When you want consistent quality and unmatched craftsmanship, you can turn to us. We have the creativity, knowledge, and creativity to bring your swimming pool back to life.

We have been remodeling pools for decades, and in that time, we have perfected the art of making old ones look brand new. We work with our clients to make the right choices for remodeling their pool, including choosing from many up-to-date options and possibilities.

When you decide to remodel your pool, you ask for the best of each service we offer. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers by providing them with a beautiful, functional, and enjoyable custom pool environment.

We create the ultimate experience so you and your family can enjoy spending time together by the pool. We offer state-of-the-art products for modernizing your filtration and sanitation needs, as well as new designs that add beauty to your pool deck. We make pool maintenance easier with our technology, reducing the time, cost, and stress of cleaning your pool.


We will do a thorough job emptying your pool and removing any debris before leaving. We start by draining it using a hose that runs out to the street. Draining takes up to 12 hours. We attach a yellow tag on all your lights, making sure you do not turn them on so we can begin draining your swimming pool. We then drop a pump into the pool to actively drain it while it is empty.


As the second step in our resurfacing process, we use professional sandblasting and stripping crews to remove old surfaces and prepare your pool for the new surface material of your choice. Chipping out the surface means shaving away the existing surface and primening it so the new tiles can adhere to the inner gunite pool shell.

This process creates a lot of dust, so we will do our best to keep your yard as tidy as possible. Ideally, we will pack up any lawn decorations like patio furniture or potted plants around your pool area. However, rest assured that we will restore your yard to its previous condition when the job is done, leaving you with a great pool and a clean, well-maintained lawn.


After your pool is completely installed and fenced, the next step is to re-tile it. Tearing out the original tile and coping it, we remove everything from the waterline up. This allows us to get accurate measurements for new tiling, coping, and anything else you want to be added.

Re-tiling takes two or three days to complete, depending on how large the pool is. Our highly skilled workers use your selected materials to rebuild your backyard pool escape.

Once your new pool tile installation is complete, you will also want to ensure your pool coping and the decking is clean and free of debris. You will probably notice that the old tile was thicker, and since your tiles have been removed, your coping may be more visible than before. We can update the coping and surrounding decking with more modern materials while re-tiling.


At the same time, some people may prefer to have their gunite pool resurfaced with plaster instead of being re-tiled. Once the concrete is prepared correctly, it is time to bring it back to life with a fresh coat of plaster. Using our specially formulated plaster mix, we will repair and resurface your pool skim-coat style. Resurfacing your pool typically takes about four to six hours.

Many steps need to be taken before getting a pool back to its former glory. Our technicians make sure to use techniques that will make the new plaster adhere to the pool’s new surface flawlessly. Even small cracks and chips in the shell are repaired, and the end result is a pool that looks as good as new.

A complete pool resurfacing begins with preparing a sub-base, ensuring that all areas above the ground are thoroughly cleaned of any debris and foreign materials. New plaster is then applied before being smoothed to provide a hard, flat surface.


We will install the equipment, clean up, and so much more. Once everything has been set, we will then fill your pool back up again. Once the water level reaches the waterline tile, we will turn off the pump and leave you with a sparkling clean pool.


After you have had your pool refilled, it needs to cure properly before using. This requires regular monitoring, especially during the first seven days, to help you get the most out of your pool. Our initial water treatment is the first step in pool care for a newly coated pool surface.

We will test your water to ensure that your freshly remodeled backyard oasis is entirely prepared and safe to swim in. Without this process, you could risk staining and permanent etching on your new finish.

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