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Gunite Pool Nashville

We are a Nashville-based gunite pool company providing a full range of services from design and construction to remodeling and maintenance. Our goal is to deliver an affordable, high-quality pool that will provide our clients with years of enjoyment for years to come. So, no matter how big or small your project, we are on it!

If you want the perfect backyard oasis for your family, we are the pool builders you can count on to bring it to life. From a swim-up bar to a luxurious spa, we take pride in every gunite water feature we build by providing our signature level of service, quality, and craftsmanship throughout the process.

Your Luxurious Gunite Pool Is Waiting!

A gunite pool is one of the most beautiful and luxurious ways to enjoy swimming. Whether it is relaxation, fun, or both you want, the gunite pool experience is unique. Unfortunately, there are still thousands of gunite pools on the market, and given the large selection of gunite pools for sale in the United States, it can make choosing one quite confusing.

To simplify this process, you must understand what you want in a gunite pool to get the best one for you and your family’s needs. So, if you are thinking about having this kind of pool built in your backyard, below is all the information you will need.

How to Choose the Best Gunite Pool Builder

When you want to get a new pool, the biggest challenge is to find an expert contractor who can do it fast, on time, and within your budget. You have to count on knowledgeable and experienced professionals to help you through the process.

So, if you live in the Nashville area and are looking to build a gunite pool, you probably already know that there are many contractors to choose from. Some of those builders have been around for three generations—others only one. Some have built hundreds of pools already—some just a few. So, where do you start? Continue reading to know the answer.

Ask your friends and neighbors which companies they have used and which ones they would recommend. Then, be sure to check online reviews of the pool contractor you are planning to hire. Look through their websites to see what customers are saying about them and their experience with these pool builders. You can go to sites such as Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, and Yelp, and if you cannot find any good reviews, it is best to look for another prospect.

The right pool contractor can make a massive difference in the appearance and function of your pool. A good installer will work the project from start to finish, including obtaining permits and any necessary inspections. They must inspect all paperwork because they are legally required to ensure that everything meets local building, electrical, plumbing, and safety codes.

Any reputable professional should also always provide their license and insurance information. They may not stand out immediately, but it is still an important thing to consider. Licensed and insured gunite pool builders are going to have the proper training and experience for the job.

Speaking of experience, hiring an experienced pool builder can make all the difference when looking to build your dream gunite pool. Pool builders with extensive experience and knowledge can tell you which products will work best for your project and are more than capable of handling pressure and unexpected challenges along the way.

They should not just be able to say that they are experienced, but they must also have the ability to demonstrate their expertise through the design, construction, and quality of your brand new gunite pool.

When hiring someone for your gunite pool construction, make sure you hire a builder that comes with insurance, promises quality artistry, and offers a warranty. Hire a contractor who provides a solid and comprehensive guarantee, so you know what your repair costs will be. These companies will help you solve problems quickly and easily. A good warranty will cover at least one year of work, and some go longer.

We Are Your Best Choice!

After learning about the factors you need to consider to hire the best pool builders, you can rest assured that we are your best choice! The perfect gunite swimming pool is a valuable piece of property that you will be proud to call your own.

In addition, your custom swimming pool will become the ultimate centerpiece for relaxation and an area to create wonderful family memories with friends and loved ones.

We consider all these as we construct swimming pools that will become an exceptionable addition to your property, providing a tranquil retreat for years to come. Here are a few key features we are proud to offer our clients:

Our expertise includes full-service design, installation, remodeling, repair, and maintenance for all pool types. From design to installation and beyond, our unique approach to service ensures that you see the results you always imagined with our background rooted in customer satisfaction and hands-on experience combined with a genuine passion for what we do. As a result, we provide the experience of a lifetime to each of our customers.

We are local, and we know the community. Our team of experts is here to help you build the perfect gunite pool for you and your family that will surely last a lifetime. We combine a wealth of experience, innovative design, and old-world craftsmanship to create a backyard escape that exceeds your expectations.

We must emphasize that our staff are local since the most common complaint about the pool services they receive is a lack of communication or unwillingness to be available when and where they need them since many pool builders are based out of town.

They do not know the area as we do. But when you choose us, you work with a company that has been in the business for many years. We know Nashville and its people.

We are the best choice for gunite pool builders in Nashville because we are affordable, and we choose to stay small to continue providing small business rates for your family. We provide quality work and focus on using products that keep costs down.

That means lower expenses for us, which means the savings gets passed along to you! We will not nickel and dime you, either. All our customers are left happy and satisfied with the work that we provide them. And that is because we have worked hard to earn our reputation for being affordable and reputable Nashville pool builders.

How to Choose the Best Gunite Pool Design

Now that you have decided to construct your new gunite pool with us, you may be wondering about the type of design you will be getting. There is no telling on the limit of your gunite pool’s layout and design because when designing a swimming pool, individual tastes and preferences need to be considered.

Many people like to follow fashion trends when choosing a pool design, while others prefer something more traditional. There is no right or wrong with either approach as both fashion and tradition appeal to all sorts of people. Read on to find out what pool design is the best for you.

The size and shape of your yard will determine what is possible with your pool installation. Think about how it will fit in with the rest of your landscape. If you have a small lot but are looking for something grand, you might want to go for a free form pool. At the same time, if half of your backyard is shaded by trees, you might consider an above-ground pool with a cover to prevent heat loss and increase energy efficiency.

Go out to your yard and take rough measurements of the space you want to work with. Think about the shape and size you want to use. What building codes do you need to consider? We will also need to be aware of local regulations before drawing up plans for your pool.

How much money are you willing to spend on your new gunite pool? Before getting started, it is best to review your budget first. The materials that we use vary in cost, so if you would like to stay closer to your budget, it is best to make your price range flexible and negotiable. As a benchmark, a reasonable $70,000 can be enough for our standard 20 by 40 feet gunite pool (not including additional maintenance costs).

Consider who will be the pool users as this determines its size, shape, and depth. For example, if you are looking for a pool to swim laps in, a long rectangular shape is best. For playing with the kids, an L-shape is just perfect. But if you are working on getting your diving certification or want to enjoy a lazy day by the water, then a square or round-shaped gunite pool will leave room for all sorts of unforgettable memories.

Your brand new gunite pool does not need to be plain or boring! No longer reserved for just swimming, it can be created for any number of purposes. From ladders to handrails, or even steps for guests who need one, there are many options for creating a fully functional environment. Mix in a fountain, slide, waterfalls, or even ponds for a more exciting summer fun experience.

When planning your pool, think about the current design of your yard. Are there existing elements that will complement your new gunite pool? Or do you want to design your landscape around it instead? You can start by imagining it in place.

It is a good idea to have your architect and builder visit your site ahead of time since they will be able to help you plan how your pool and landscape design can complement each other.

Pool depths come in a wide variety of options as well. You can choose from single or multiple, depending on the available space in your yard and your family’s swimming needs and abilities. If you have little room for your pool, keep in mind that pools with varying depths require longer slopes to transition between them.

Gunite Pool Remodeling

Our gunite pool remodeling services are something we take great pride in. The amazing transformations we have done in the past have put our clients in awe and have left them completely satisfied with our work.

We turn outdated pool designs into something that everyone can enjoy once again with our advanced, high-quality equipment, materials, technology, and skills.

So, whether you and your family’s needs have changed, or you simply have the urge to change the style of your backyard oasis, we got you covered! We dedicate ourselves to an excellent working environment that inspires our craftsmanship and reflects in your home.

Gunite Pool Maintenance

To complete the package, we include gunite pool maintenance in our list of top-quality services! This process of checking and cleaning your gunite pool and its features is done to preserve its quality, efficiency, cleanliness, and safety.

In addition, gunite pools require a specific maintenance regimen to stay looking and functioning their best. As such, we want to provide you with comprehensive and accurate information and services for your gunite pool maintenance experience.

Contact Us

Now that everything is out of the way, it is time to get in touch with us! You cannot put off your gunite pool project any longer. Our talented team is highly qualified to help you through the process, and we ensure your gunite pool meets the highest standards—we do not stop until it does!

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